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A click of the mouse (or a touch of the screen, for that matter) has never had more of an impact than it does in today’s society.  Take, for example, the fact that you can help end world hunger by clicking the right answers and save the world by playing video games.  The latest innovative refinement comes from the team at

Inspired by the desire to blend social networking, passionate eco-friendly communities, and everyday sustainability practices, the creators of Motley Green, according to an article published on Yahoo! News, are partnering with companies like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Trees for the Future to encourage, promote, and reward environmentally conscious, sustainable lifestyles.

The reason for such a partnership revolves around the rewards system built into the website.  Just by signing up, a tree is planted in your honor, and you can then begin to build your profile, which is something you are probably familiar with.  It begins to diverge from the standard fare at this point, as a major component of Motley Green involves a dynamic points system that tallies your environmentally sound decisions while providing interesting bits of trivia and useful tips.  According to the website, “Acts are specific steps you take to lead a sustainable lifestyle.  Perform acts and record them here at Motley Green.  Take a moment to cherish your impact on the community while your score, rewards, and impact grows.”

For example, energy-related acts include recycling batteries, installing solar panels, and going for a jog instead of using a treadmill.  These reward points then begin to accrue, and will then be used to receive yet-to-be-specified (the website states that the redeemable rewards system will be up and running in a few days) bonuses and promotions for all of your green activism.

Truthfully, I was skeptical about the concept when a friend of mine brought Motley Green to my attention.  I didn’t want to be a part of yet another social networking site, but after a few hours of playing around with it, I found myself much more conscious of the little things one can do to live a sustainable lifestyle.  I thought it would be gimmicky, but in the past few days I’ve found myself more motivated, not to maintain our planet, but to improve it.

Motley Green is currently in beta form, and has plenty of challenges ahead but enough raw potential, in my opinion, to overcome whatever lies ahead.  Membership is free, and I would highly recommend giving a greener life a try.  Many factors related to health are outside of our control, but environmental health doesn’t have to be one of them.

We at modeofaide salute our friends at Motley Green, for creating a socially responsible and entertaining rubric that we can all follow, and for motivating each and every one of us to be the best we can be.  After all, isn’t that what a community is all about?

(Note: Author reduced brightness on his computer monitor as he typed this and received 5 points.)

Cheers to going green.


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  1. Nandini

    Yeah !! Awsom 🙂 🙂

  2. Well written! I agree…..

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