The Flames I Never Saw Coming, A Suburban Fire.

In between my long bouts of coughing and scanning pages from a book I was reading, I heard my mother shout out, “ANDREW, COME QUICK!!!”  Mind you, I’ve heard this phrase for my entire life thus far, and it has meant everything from the mundane to the slightly serious, but this time it the tone was altogether different.  Not knowing why, I sprinted towards her voice, out past the front door and onto the lawn.  What greeted me was wholly unexpected; the visual dissonance of flames in a typically peaceful suburb.  After the firetrucks arrived and the residents were evacuated, my mother recommended that I take some photos. And like every young man does, I proudly dissented, and perhaps even scoffed, then turned round and sprinted into the house full-speed to grab my camera, knowing all too well that it was a great idea.

I must admit, I’ve always admired firefighters for the work they do, but not until I saw a legitimate fire up-close did I understand the severity of what they encounter on a day-to-day basis.  Their mode of aide is one-of-a-kind, and it became quite clear why they truly are a group of beloved individuals within our community.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family affected by this horrific incident.

See the flames begin to crawl.

Make a move.

I was personally worried about this guy securing the hose to the hydrant.

Please hurry up buddy.

These guys are pretty amazing.


Is that firefighter’s name Moses?

BA-Part Deux.


No one ever enjoys when a forest burns.

Give your loved ones a hug and remember what really matters this Christmas/Holiday Season.

Take care.

-photos taken by me.


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  1. Touching Lives At Bedside

    Although I am just getting started or should I say trying to get started; your post was tthe first to catch my eye. It was very nicely done and hopefully I can learn more as I go ;from what you post. Keep up the obvious good work.. ~TL@B~

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