The Zombie Leaf, Or Rather, Percival The Praying Mantis

On a brisk Fall afternoon, the wind casually swept across the front lawn.  A few leaves fluttered along, headed nowhere in particular, but one particular leaf stood out, and in fact, this leaf wasn’t a leaf at all.  It was a Praying Mantis, gently rocking to and fro, disguised as a zombie leaf swaying in the wind.  Amazingly unbothered by my presence, the undead leaf searched for afternoon supper (presumably insects fleeing the recent zombie leaf apocalypse) while occasionally going motionless, followed by a faint and intentional body shake.

Just a few leaves on the lawn…wait a minute….

That is the most unique leaf I’ve ever beheld….

NO!! That looks like a living, or rather, undead….


The madness…

The horror….

The sheer terror…


He’s quite a nice chap…

His name is Percival and he’s just a tad bit hungry…

Who’d have figured?

Looks like I found my Halloween costume this year.

Thanks Percy.

Happy Halloween.

-photos taken by Andrew.


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