Much More Than A Six Year Conflict, World War II Revisited.

As conflicts rage on throughout the world, the clichéd notion of remembering history so as not to repeat it strikes me as something quite apt at the moment.  In a time that many are touting as economically reminiscent of the early 1930’s, let us take heed and act wisely to avoid yet another harrowing tour of duty.

In a brilliant exposé done by In Focus with Alan Taylor for The Atlantic, Mr. Taylor provides us with a chilling view of World War II that takes a photographic look back into the entire global conflict spanning much longer than the typical purview once allowed to us.  The 20-part series provides a unique glimpse into the lives of those that endured the horrors of war both near and far from the frontline, as well as those that sacrificed their lives along the way.  The final entry in the series will be posted on October 30th, with a new entry submitted every Sunday prior to that as well.  It is a well-done visual narrative and a stirring reminder that war isn’t always in black and white, it can be in color too.

Here are a few photos from the collection, courtesy of In Focus with Alan Taylor.  Check it out.

The beginning of the Second Sino-Japanese War.

The ill-fated Hindenburg gently gliding past the Empire State Building.

British gas-mask preparedness in London.

The American, Jesse Owens, victorious at Hitler’s Berlin Olympic Games.

British Infantrymen near the city of Bardia, Libya.

The Hitler Youth.

Reporters at the White House rushing out after hearing of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The American P-51 Mustang.

Japanese-American Internment.

The legendary B-17 Flying Fortress.

The most terrifying view from a bomber I’ve ever seen.  Tracers and flak above Brest, France.

The entire retrospective can be found here.

Take care.


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