A World, Not too Far Away. Santa Cruz Island.

The boat heaved to and fro on our journey out of Ventura Harbor, slowly chugging toward the oft forgotten destination.  Having lived in Santa Barbara for a couple years, I’ve gazed upon Santa Cruz Island innumerable times, often trying to imagine what it would be like out there in the distance.  Now was my chance.  Twenty miles off into the great big blue, another world was awaiting my friends and I.  The sea was rough that day and our ferry was being tossed about like a buoy, but it surely didn’t matter for the scenery was breathtaking.  Blanketed in solitude by winding hills, sheer cliffs, and beautiful blue water, the island was serene, yet it inspired adventure.  The hiking paths were fun, but the paths we blazed for ourselves provided even more entertainment.  Also, there is nothing quite like waking up early, grabbing your camera, and stealthily creeping around in the brush, waiting for your chance to capture when a Fantastic Mr. Island Fox decides to wish you a good morn.  As I casually sit in traffic on the 101 and look out at Santa Cruz Island, I smile.  I don’t need to imagine it anymore.

Passing Anacapa Island on our way to our destination.

I sure hope he didn’t paddle all the way out here.

Whoever named this place is quite fond of scorpions.


Yes, this really is only 20 miles off the coast of California.

Clear skies mark the sunset.  It’s going to be a good night.

Roald Dahl must have visited the island.

Bad Pun of the Day: I’m not very good at golf, but I’d say it’s a safe bet to call this one a birdie.

When’s the last time you explored an island?

-Photos courtesy of Andrew.



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Simply a friend, biologist, photographer, avid reader, volleyball nut, humanitarian, and man.


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  2. Claire Kinnan

    These pictures are awesome!!! 🙂

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