Fond Memories & Wildlife at the UCSB Lagoon

A passerby says a certain word and the memories come flooding back.  A special dish of ratatouille reminds you of your childhood.  Or perhaps a few photographs take you vividly back into an unspectacular but rather fun day a littler over a year ago.  Such is what happened to me as I peered through my photo catalog, possibly taking a premature walk down memory lane, but feeling nostalgic nonetheless, so I walked further.

It was an early afternoon in April, well over a year ago, and I had just left my Invertebrate Zoology class.  Armed with a butterfly net and some ethyl acetate, I felt invincible.  Riding my bike along the lagoon on campus, I was enjoying the fresh air, the free Vitamin D, and the infinite possibility of collecting the coolest bugs on the planet.  As I was puttering along, I began noticing the wildlife and realized this was a day to capture, and not to “capture.”  So I holstered my bug-catching weapons, readied my camera, and took aim.

The search for food at times divides us.

Other times it brings us together.

Friends forever.

A quick break in the action, or is it?



Hungry, and defiant.

It was at that point that I rode home and had lunch myself, and unfortunately, I do not remember what I ate.

Should’ve photographed it.


-photos courtesy of Andrew.


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Simply a friend, biologist, photographer, avid reader, volleyball nut, humanitarian, and man.

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  1. Claire Kinnan

    my phone died! go on vid chat!

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