Aebleskivers: The Best Danish Treat Since Danishes, in Solvang, California

We are hot with anticipation.  The spherical pan glows behind the glass, and little, fluffy globes made out of hopes, dreams, and pancake-like batter begin to take shape.  With forks and napkins in hand, standing outside the Solvang Restaurant in Solvang, California, we await our trio of confectionary delights: Aebleskivers.  Topped with nothing more than some raspberry jam and powdered sugar, we haphazardly point these treats in the right direction, down.  If you’re one of those people that enjoy finding parallels in society, imagine preparation akin to Japanese takoyaki, but sweet, fluffy, and hailing originally from Denmark.  Aebleskivers are superb, and much like a medal at the Olympics, these treats are best served golden.

Three, it is a magic number.

Nimble hands ensure an even majesty.

I will certainly trade in my cash for gold.

Now go visit this gem tucked away in the Santa Ynez Valley.


-photos courtesy of Andrew.


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  1. When did you head up there?

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