A Lepidopteran Public Service Announcement: Think Before You Swat

I had just finished a nice run along the coast in Santa Barbara.  As I arrived at my apartment, I noticed a friendly little Lepidopteran resting on the wall.  Completely at peace with life, nothing was going to move him from the cozy spot, and I had no intentions of evicting him.  His family very well might have just signed their lease, and I was happy to welcome them by not only not swatting them away, but providing them with a free-of-charge, no hassles photo shoot.  Here are their favorites tiny shots.

This has been a public service announcement: Think before you swat.

We all bug each other every once and a while.

Maybe the last insect to bother you was simply having a bad day.


-photos taken by me.


About aflorin8

Simply a friend, biologist, photographer, avid reader, volleyball nut, humanitarian, and man.


  1. I have no issues with insects on sight as long as they stay away from my skin.

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