A Joyfully Automotive, Saturday Morning Sunrise: Cars and Coffee

Beauty is in the details. In Car-Speak, that beauty is found in the accents.  The profiles, the reflections, the insignias.  All these things are what truly make a car both striking and singular.  These photos of mine come from a weekly, saturday morning event in Irvine, California, known simply as Cars & Coffee.  Automobile enthusiasts and curious early morning birds alike flock to the event, where breakfast burritos, donuts, orange juice, and coffee are all served underneath the joyful roar of some well-tuned engines.  Porsches, and Packards, and Ferraris, oh my!  Oh my, indeed.


The best way to view a sunrise is through a 300 SL.

You can see my hands in this one.

Martin, Aston Martin.

It gives you wiiings.

Dry Lake speed freak.


Simply cursive, but there’s nothing profane about it.

I love invertebrates.

Let us reflect for a moment.

It looks like its smiling. I know I sure am.

Everything is more fun with friends.

Next saturday morning, see you there.

-Photos taken by Andrew.


About aflorin8

Simply a friend, biologist, photographer, avid reader, volleyball nut, humanitarian, and man.


  1. Claire Kinnan

    Awesome pictures! I like the subtle details you focused on. My favorites are the 300 SL and the Superleggera!! 🙂

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