The Wondrous, Santa Barbaran Fourth of July Fireworks Show

We were running late.  Shifting around scores of people as we rushed along the downtown section of State Street, we began to both hear and feel the explosions in the sky.  It didn’t matter.  Our patriotic endeavor was successful.  The only thing more pleasant than the fireworks themselves were the looks on people’s faces as they gazed upon the blinding colors.  Independence is beautiful.

Neon explosions.

The intermezzo.

The denouement.

For those of you that couldn’t make the trek out to see it yourselves.

Happy fourth of July.


photos taken by me, courtesy of my new tripod.


About aflorin8

Simply a friend, biologist, photographer, avid reader, volleyball nut, humanitarian, and man.


  1. Claire Kinnan

    I missed seeing fireworks this year! These pictures are beautiful!! Amazing how you were able to capture the wonderful colors of the fireworks. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. amazing fireworks photos !! thanks for sharing .

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