So, is it rude not to buy Polite Clothing?

Originally created in my first year of college, Polite Clothing was born out of my interest in fashion and design.  As I approach my graduation, it is interesting to reflect on the evolution of the company.  I can remember quite clearly, when I was first simply creating the name.  I was bouncing ideas off of my roommate and friends from across the hall, including the Ministry of Telos.  To clarify, I had just finished reading Orwell’s 1984.  Then as naturally unexpected, the name Polite Clothing fell into my lap.  I’ve been described as polite, and in modern society it certainly appears that common courtesy is truly not common anymore.   Politeness can be seen simply as good manners and courteous behavior, but if taken a few steps further, the apex of politeness is serving others.  Thus an idea was born.

Part of the mission statement is:

This mobilization is intended to help not just ourselves, but making a priority of others. If every person, even for one glorious moment, forgets about him or herself, and focuses on doing something good for another human being, lives will change. A single article of clothing may not seem world-changing, but it starts somewhere. A percentage of the profits will always be donated to organizations that have proven that they are efficient and effective catalysts for change. So please support our cause and wear it proudly. Ideals for life should be realized, not rationalized otherwise.

The designs began as mostly geometric designs, but as my personal tastes and interests evolved, so have the designs.  Personal photography, the biological realm, architectural landscapes, and humanitarian aid have all had an influence on my style.  The latest iteration, created in conjunction with Santa Barbara Street Medicine, aims at raising awareness and providing funds for important medications.  For every shirt sold, 100% of the profits are going right back into Doctors Without Walls-Santa Barbara Street Medicine.

They come in either Sky Blue or Serene Green and we carry sizes S-XL in Men’s sizes as of this time.  They are $15 a shirt, and unless delivered locally (Santa Barbara) there is a $5 shipping fee.  More information can be found here.

We sincerely appreciate your support! Cheers,

-The Polite Team


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Simply a friend, biologist, photographer, avid reader, volleyball nut, humanitarian, and man.

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