SB Homeless Awareness Week

The beautiful view sometimes offers no reprieve.

For the homeless of Santa Barbara, life is a day to day affair that few truly understand.  An interesting local event, the Santa Barbara Homeless Awareness Week, kicks off friday, May 20th at 6 p.m.  Spanning the course of the weekend, the event is meant to stimulate discussion and enlighten the masses on the highly misunderstood realm of homelessness.  Hosted at the Multi-Cultural Center on the campus of UCSB, each night will be composed of discussion panels debating a plethora of topics as well as a documentary based on the work of Dr. Jim Withers with his street health outreach program, Operation Safety Net, entitled One Bridge to the Next.  Event information can be found here, hope to see all of you there, in body or in spirit.


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  1. I would totally love to go to that!

  2. I hope it’s a success. My mom so often just barely kept a roof over our heads that it’s important to me understand there’s more to homelessness than “just being lazy.” And once you’ve become homeless? It’s enormously difficult to find a way out.

    • Thank you very much, I sure hope so too. It’s difficult when people so often assume homelessness is entirely the fault of the individual. We are all playing a delicate hand at life, and all it takes are a few bad cards to put us in the same place. Hard work doesn’t always imply reward. I appreciate your thoughts, thanks for reading!

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