In celebration of this past Earth Day, instead of showing you pictures of the amazing animals that inhabit our planet, I’ve decided to focus on photos associated with how we reinterpret what we see in the animal kingdom.  Acknowledging how we perceive animals is the first step involved in understanding what we can do to change their fate, and in case you didn’t already know this, that fate is also our own.

Two old friends shooting the breeze.

I always see this eagle sneezing.

My trusty steed, Rocinante.

Claire’s Pal.

A wax duck, and yes, that is a Porsche in the background.

Auntie Mame’s porcelain cats say hello.

A Jurassic, classy pose.

The rat-like creature that cures sore throats.

Falkor’s retirement plan.


Have a great day.




Photos taken by aflorin8.


About aflorin8

Simply a friend, biologist, photographer, avid reader, volleyball nut, humanitarian, and man.


  1. Claire Kinnan

    Very creative. I really enjoyed seeing your pictures! 🙂

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