The Dragonfly That Earned A PhD.

We’ve all been there.

As the graduation season approaches, anyone that has ever attended a commencement ceremony can attest to the unbearably long wait before your friend or family member is called up for glory.  Many strategies are employed to maintain some sense of peace.  Some play cards, others people watch while the kids whip out their Gameboys, and some people even talk to each other, bless their souls.  But I chose to blaze my own path while my cousin awaited her moment.  As I sat in the audience with my camera, I saw this brave little dragonfly crowd-surfing and decided that my goal for the next couple hours was to capture this jovial bugger on film.  I unintentionally upped the difficulty by only bringing a manual focus lens to the ceremony, and that untamed beast was flying quite fast.  If you’ve ever tried to catch a dragonfly in a net, they are amazingly tricky and seem to take immense pleasure in frustrating you, and on a few occasions I could’ve sworn I heard it guffaw.  They’re no different when trying to catch on film, and yes, even from the distance I took these pictures at, I heard that conniving, little dragonfly laughing, and, as I anthropomorphize him yet one step further, saw him smiling.

The first reconnaissance photo.

Evasive maneuvers.


Getting ready to receive its diploma.

The dragonfly and I shared some good times, and as if knowing the time had finally arrived, the friendly little dragonfly bade me farewell, and I was able to jump up and down in pride and hold the blow horn down well past my cousin’s name was mentioned.  Kim, you are certainly number one!

Congrats to all upcoming graduates this spring, including myself! We did it.

Olé Gauchos!


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  1. thinkingmindlessly

    if only we could fly through commencement… puns is fun

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